Decision support

We assist clients with investment decisions by providing objective assessments of current and future risks and opportunities to achieve the best possible outcomes

Our approach to investment reviews takes account of:

  • Trends in global and domestic markets
  • Industry and supply chain dynamics
  • Competitor activity and strategy
  • Key risks associated with the enterprise and business models
  • Financial modeling of potential outcomes

Our team has experience across a range of assignments, including:

  • Feasibility studies for new investment and market entry projects
  • Business plan reviews and appraisals
  • Evaluation of expansion and diversification options
  • Organisational re-design

Freshagenda applies deep analysis skills to develop decision support and assist clients evaluate business acquisitions and improve business initiatives.

We are experienced in providing services to clients in the implementation of strategy across a range of contexts and project types including decision support and risk assessment:

  • Feasibility studies for new investment projects
  • Evaluating alternate approaches to market entry
  • Evaluating commercial benefits and risks associated business or asset purchase decisions
  • Understanding market sensitivity to developing issues
  • Assessing costs and benefits of new approaches and technologies
  • Developing business cases based on objective and rigorous analysis
  • Undertaking financial modeling of potential outcomes

Following are examples of the range of consulting and analysis services we deliver:

  • Project evaluation –  We worked closely with a client in evaluating the establishment of an Australian business in a specific product area, by undertaking various assignments addressing relationship and influence approaches, market and supply chain sensitivities, assessing the impact on the industry’s production sector, and the apparent cost-benefit equations for ultimate end-users of the product.
  • Acquisition support – We assisted a client evaluate the key risks associated with the purchase of a large dairy farm enterprise, including the phyisical and financial factors affecting purchase price, and arrangements to build into future operation and management of the facility.
  • Market entry – We researched and described the market for wheat and flour in 10 Asian countries as part of the development of a commercialisation strategy for a novel wheat variety. Our “market metrics” analysis explored major consumer trends, described relevant case studies, and provided direction to the client by developing a model that generated a relative ranking for each market opportunity.
  • Developing new policy – We assisted a client in design of a new approach to pricing for the purchase of a raw agribusiness commodity, balancing the likely future market realities and settings and on-farm challenges facing suppliers.