Iron Ox showcases autonomous ag

Fresh, pesticide-free produce such as romaine lettuce, bok choy and cilantro grown in a large warehouse with practically no human interference is a reality in San Carlos, California.


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Quicker removal of risk

Walmart – the world’s largest retailer serving 260 million customer each week – is testing blockchain database technology that will allow it to monitor and rapidly respond to…

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Frequentz tackles traceability

As consumers demand more transparency about their food, and outbreaks of food borne illnesses have the ability to destroy a brand, traceability is becoming a serious imperative for…

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future supermarkets

Futuristic supermarket vs privacy

Speaking at this year’s Media Architecture Biennale in Sydney, architect and engineer Carlo Ratti discussed how information is the key component to his Future Food District, a thematic…

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High tech hydroponics

It seems hydroponics farming is catching on among tech companies in Asia, especially Japan, Singapore and China. Within the last couple of months, Spread and Fujitsu, both Japanese…

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