Iron Ox showcases autonomous ag

Fresh, pesticide-free produce such as romaine lettuce, bok choy and cilantro grown in a large warehouse with practically no human interference is a reality in San Carlos, California.


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Kiwi raw milk up for review

In New Zealand, the regulations governing raw drinking milk – that is milk that hasn’t been pasteurised – will be evaluated this year, two years after their implementation….

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balancing drought

Balancing drought

Imagery of starving livestock, desperate farmers and cracked barren paddocks from across NSW and Queensland have flooded Australian media in recent weeks. In response to the media blitz…

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Navigating war

Recent trade wars have the potential to turn into the real deal if you ask former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd. In an opinion piece, Rudd explains why…

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Dairy alternatives - are they milk?

What’s the alternative?

There’s been lots of discussion lately about alternatives – or non-dairy – milks and whether they should be allowed to use the word “milk” at all. A lot…

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Big 4 tackle policy

In the US, four of the world’s biggest food companies want to change food policy. They have joined forces to form The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance to fight…

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Stop immigration? Fix climate!

Since 2008, 22.5m people have been displaced by climate-related or extreme weather events according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. While there are many culprits when it…

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