Navigating war

Recent trade wars have the potential to turn into the real deal if you ask former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd. In an opinion piece, Rudd explains why…

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Dairy alternatives - are they milk?

What’s the alternative?

There’s been lots of discussion lately about alternatives – or non-dairy – milks and whether they should be allowed to use the word “milk” at all. A lot…

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Big 4 tackle policy

In the US, four of the world’s biggest food companies want to change food policy. They have joined forces to form The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance to fight…

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Horizons newsletter Freshagenda

Stop immigration? Fix climate!

Since 2008, 22.5m people have been displaced by climate-related or extreme weather events according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. While there are many culprits when it…

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Africa chocolate supply chain

Can Africa milk chocolate?

While Europe has long dominated chocolate, Africa supplies its most vital ingredient – cocoa, producing and exporting more than two-thirds of the world supply. Europe holds a global…

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Impossible burger draws fire

When biochemist Pat Brown created Impossible Foods in Silicon Valley, he paired science and plants to make a synthetic meat that would tempt the most devoted carnivore. The…

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