It took this long!

California’s drought has reached “near-crisis” proportions as record low snow melt in the state’s Sierra Nevada ranges this winter, meaning the State’s reservoirs have just a year of…

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US food service

US foodservice picks up speed

Changing attitudes toward health and eating habits has been at the heart of a significant shift in consumption patterns in the US foodservice. Packaged and highly processed foods have…

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UK committee reignites GM debate

Earlier this month, the UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee published a new report Advanced genetic techniques for crop improvement: regulation, risk and precaution – which…

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Getting the pitch right

Sustainability is a hard to sell – in spite of being important to consumers. Socially and environmentally conscious attitudes are gaining ground – thanks to media campaigns for years…

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Add water to nuts… but why?

Non-dairy alternatives to cow milk are on the rise. US manufacturer White Wave has indeed ridden the wave of popularity, with stunning sales growth underpinned by its almond…

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Have we reached peak food?

The world has entered an era of peak food production with an array of staples slowing in growth. Peak here indicates when yield gains stopped accelerating – the…

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