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What does the DTS platform contain?

Freshagenda’s Dairy Trade Simulator platform is available to clients in one of three different versions; Insights, Navigator and Full Simulator. The different functional features of these tools, which are updated daily by our cloud server, are summarised on the right.

Full Simulator

This is a comprehensive modelling, data and simulation tool with full scope to vary assumptions, scenario modelling and trade analysis.

It supports short-term and long-term global dairy market analysis


This is a “lite” version of the above simulation tool which allows variation of only the major parameters affecting the market outlook, less-detailed trade analysis, and ready running of “what-if” cases. It is also suited to commodity-specific needs of users.


This is a simpler version of the above tools, with the same analysis approach and model structure, without scope for user variation of assumptions.

It also provides a convenient database containing up-to-date historical and projected production, trade and balance sheet data across dairy commodities, key producing and market regions

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Freshagenda are food market specialists based in Melbourne with core skills and expertise in interpreting industry, market and supply conditions and their outlook for decision makers – with its DataSuite Platform.

Freshagenda built the Dairy Trade Simulator; a simulation platform which allows users to readily assess the sensitivity of the outlook to change, and to create and test future scenarios and now offers a DataSuite Platform – with a range of options.

Freshagenda’s Dairy Trade Simulator (DTS) is built on trade data, updated continuously and underpins the GDD analysis package. It encompasses the total global dairy trade in a single simulation tool with both short-term and long-term dimensions and is built in Excel. It uses historical trade data along with a big set of macros, allowing users to run queries, test scenarios and project future possible outcomes in their part of the dairy industry. It spans the globe as it contains data from key dairying regions all over the world and thus can be used as a tool to help navigate strategic planning at management level.

It provides a convenient up-to-date factual base drawing production, consumption and trade data from a wide range of sources and underpins analysis by “housing” user insights on demand and supply trends.

What is the Dairy Trade Simulator?

Built as a large, macro-driven workbook, it avoids software security and integration issues. The Dairy Trade Simulator is available in fully-functioning or compact depending on user needs and resources.

It enables users to readily understand the relative importance of big influencers on the global market balance over time by calculating a world market balance in terms of major dairy commodity products and in milk-equivalents terms over time.

  • Allows rapid assessment of the sensitivity of the trade balance to movements in the key variables.
  • Updates as trends and indicators emerge, providing a rolling short-term outlook.

The company is led by food market specialists and consultants with combined hands-on experience in excess of 45 years in commodity markets and value chain analysis, Freshagenda has a solid commercial understanding of market dynamics affecting food industry sectors and supply chains and delivers complex information in concise, easy-to-understand formats.

Our strength lies in our unique big picture perspective – a “whole of chain” approach. The engagement spans form farm inputs through to retail and consumer insights – including food category analysis such as interpreting performance of market segments and food categories, and a comparative analysis of the Australian food supply chain.

Freshagenda also produces a number of specialist information products for clients and other interested parties that address a range of food market trends and market developments. We have also developed tools to provide decision makers with better access to information and a quicker assessment of a number of variables affecting their business decisions.

Freshagenda have a track record of assisting decision makers assign priorities and direct policy based on the relative size of segments and pressure points affecting their value chains, and have delivered a number of consulting services and analysis to industry, government and corporate clients.

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