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About Freshagenda

Specialist food industry consultants Freshagenda is a team of analysts and consultants based in Melbourne focusing exclusively on the food industry with expertise in interpreting market and supply chain conditions in a number of food sectors.

What sets us apart?

  • Our team of specialist food industry consultants have a working commercial understanding of market dynamics affecting key agrifood sectors and supply chains
  • We analyse and interpret supply chain dynamics from farm to consumer, into both domestic and international markets
  • We maintain an ongoing watch on major trends and global change agendas that impact the food industry
  • Our work is packaged for the needs of specific audiences and tailored to decision-making requirements
  • Our outputs are presented in highly visual formats – messages in pictures are far more effective at reaching audiences


Freshagenda are specialist food industry analysts and consultants with a working understanding of the market dynamics affecting food industry sectors and supply chains.

We are a leader in mapping and profiling agribusiness value chains in Australian and global contexts – and helps you understand and interpret value chains better.

Our experience spans sectors such as:

  • Dairy
  • Meat
  • Grains
  • Seafood
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Cotton
  • Other processed foods

The Freshagenda difference?

We take a “whole of chain” approach, based on commercial reality as to how things work.

Our methodology includes “mapping” food value chains in the food industry in terms of:

  • the structure of sectors from farm to consumers;
  • product volumes flowing through various channels to the consumer (domestic and export);
  • estimating prices at key points and costs;
  • how value chains operate in key food categories and nature of commercial relationships between supply chain participants; and
  • identifying drivers of volume and value, including economic and other market influences

We apply these in a number of ways, including – comparative analysis, supply chain efficiency, market entry or extension strategies, and value-capture models.

Our approach ensures the analyses is commercially relevant to you and reconcilable. Through the use of various sets industry and commercial data types, we ensure credibility in the eyes of commercial players regarding the volume and value of their sector. Value chains are by no means static, and today, more complex than before.

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The Team

Steve Spencer (Director) is a specialist food industry analyst and adviser. His expertise lies in insights on total food industry trends; retail and consumer insights; national and global market analyses; industry capacity; and knowledge management.

Steve has managed a number of large projects exploring the future prospects for agrifood industries, including the recent Horizon 2020 project for the dairy sector; and also projects investigating the workings of the Australian food industry value chains. Steve is a deep specialist in the dairy industry and presently engaged in developing future long-range scenarios for that industry’s future development and direction.

Steve has worked extensively with food companies, agribusiness, retailers, industry bodies and Governments.

View Steve’s LinkedIn profile.

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Joanne Bills (Director) is an agribusiness professional, with almost two decades spent in the dairy industry. Joanne has an enviable reputation as one of the dairy industry’s most trusted sources of well considered information, analysis and advice on the Australian and international dairy sectors. Joanne’s skills include market and industry analysis, strategy development, knowledge management, and communication.

Prior to joining Freshagenda, Joanne was responsible for the collection, processing and dissemination of industry data, and was the lead author of the Situation and Outlook report for the Australian dairy industry.

Joanne is a past director of the GippsDairy Regional Development Program – an organisation charged with investing in projects that benefit local dairy farmers. Joanne is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors Company Directors Course.

View Joanne’s LinkedIn profile.

Vuko Karov (Senior Consultant) is a food and agricultural market analyst with a diverse international background. He is skilled in conducting economic research as well as in presenting and interpreting research findings.

Prior to joining Freshagenda, Vuko was responsible for evaluating the effects on Arkansas row crop farms of all political proposals to potentially modify the 2008 Farm Bill with a focus on amendments to commodity safety net programs at the University of Arkansas.

In 2009, Vuko completed a research Master’s thesis at Virginia Tech, and his thesis focused on estimating the effects of phytosanitary measures on US imports of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Nanna Stampe Moller (Research and Publications Analyst) is an experienced researcher and writer who is involved in a diverse range of consulting projects and in the production of a number of information services and analysis products, including the Dairy Globe and Horizon newsletters for direct mail or for clients, and provides extensive research input to our business.

This requires a continuous scanning of developments in dairy markets and corporate developments relevant to the Australian industry and to the interests of clients.

Nanna has been engaged in a number of our major consulting engagements for clients in the dairy and beef sectors, and in various food supply chain studies for major corporations and Government.

Nanna has a journalism background obtained in Denmark. View Nanna’s LinkedIn profile.

Karthik Joshi (Data Ninja) is an experienced data analyst with an internationalbackground. He has worked for a variety of international companies applying his technical skills of data extraction, manipulation and analysis as well as developing forecasting models.

He is qualified at developing analytical-based solutions and will utilise he strong creative and problem-solving abilities at Freshagenda, automating data collection to ensure faster integration and reporting is available to clients.

In 2019, Karthik completed a Master of Data Science at Monash University where he among other things volunteered to facilitate the Python Programming Boot Camp to assist students build a strong foundation in Python.

View Karthik’s LinkedIn profile


Who we work with

Freshagenda works and have worked with a number of clients across different industry sectors and value chains, as shown below.

Our team of specialist consultants and analysts use their extensive experience in interpreting trends and conditions affecting the food industry when working with clients.

Our understanding of frontier drivers of change has enabled us to help clients anticipate and respond to emerging trends.

Our clients include:

  • Dairy processors and manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • RDCs
  • Cotton processors
  • Dairy industry advocacy groups
  • Agribusinesses
  • Government departments
  • Traders
  • Investment funds

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Freshagenda are specialist food industry consultants with expertise in interpreting market and supply chain conditions in the food industry.

We offer insights and analysis that are based on a big picture view, a whole-of-chain perspective and objective commercial reality.

Specialist food industry consultants Freshagenda is led by food industry consultants and analysts with combined hands-on experience in excess of 45 years in commodity markets and value chain analysis. We have a solid commercial understanding of market dynamics affecting food industry sectors and supply chains and delivers complex information in concise, easy-to-understand formats.

What sets us apart as specialist food industry consultants?

  • We have a working commercial understanding of the dynamics affecting key agrifood sectors and supply chains.
  • We analyse and interpret supply chain drivers and trends from farm to consumer, both domestic and international.
  • We maintain an ongoing watch on major developments and global change agendas that impact the food industry.
  • Our work is packaged for specific audiences and decision- making requirements.
  • Our presentation is highly visual –the most effective way to deliver messages to a target audience.
  • We are a small, experienced team that offers agility in approach and response.
  • We get to know our clients and strive to be proactive to their needs, becoming valued partners in their business.
  • We get the work done on time and aim to exceed expectation.

Our strength lies in our unique big picture perspective – a “whole of chain” approach. The engagement spans from farm inputs through to detailed retail and consumer insights – including analyses at the category and sector levels such as interpreting performance of market segments and food categories.

Freshagenda have a track record of assisting decision makers assign priorities and direct policy based on the relative size of segments and pressure points affecting their value chains, and have delivered a number of consulting services and analysis to industry, government and corporate clients.

Some examples of recent work include:

  • Strategy development
  • Food pricing
  • Implementing strategy
  • Market entry
  • Horizon 2020
  • Innovation priorities
  • Farm strategy development

We have developed the Global Dairy Directions platform, used by dairy industry stakeholders on a global scale.

What is Global Dairy Directions?

A forward looking tool that allows dairy companies, brokers, traders and processors to project the outcome of future scenarios in global and local dairy markets based on variable key assumptions.

Built in Microsoft Excel, our Global Dairy Directions platform uses historical data along with a big set of macros, allowing users to run queries, test scenarios and project future possible outcomes in their part of the dairy industry. It spans the globe as it contains data from key dairying regions all over the world and thus can be used as a tool to help navigate strategic planning at management level.

We include trade data from South America, the US, Europe, New Zealand and Australia as well as other emerging regions. We rely on different sources for our data, including Global Trade Tracker which provides us with up-to-date data, so our clients always have the latest available data at their hands.

Specialist food industry consultants Freshagenda