A tale of two industries

Once upon a time there were two dairy industries, on opposite sides of a big ditch, that were very similar. They produced about the same amount of milk,…

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Domino’s deflates

Domino’s shares value dropped A$1 billion after the quick service chain announced it had missed profit and sales growth targets. Domino’s underlying net profit in 2017 rose 29%…

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Australia not Asia-ready

Recent research on Australia’s top 200 companies indicates they are not positioned to effectively utilise the Australian-Asia relationship to do business in the region.

The research was conducted by…

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water tax for NZ farmers

Troubled waters

The New Zealand Labour Party under its new leadership is certainly making waves. Apart from being accused of undermining the Australian government, Labour leader Jacinda Ardern has announced…

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Currency roulette

While the world market for dairy products is in much better shape going into the 2017/18 southern production season, there are still a few risks that may weaken…

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