Meat scandal, food fraud

Brazil on the nose

Brazil, the world’s largest exporter of meat products is facing a food fraud crisis, with import bans imposed an then lifted in the last few weeks. Brazilian authorities…

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The curse of low expectations

In an effort to turn the Japanese economy around, the government has experimented with monetary policy which appears to have been an abject failure. Japan has pursued a…

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Food supply chain

Tesco goes back up the chain

UK-based food retailer Tesco has agreed to acquire the UK’s largest food wholesaler Booker Group – in a deal that will effectively create a food supply chain giant….

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China grand ag plan

Earlier this month, China issued its “No. 1 document” – a five-year reform program for the country’s food and agriculture sector. The document is issued by the Central…

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The cost of GMO-free eating

How much extra would you pay to ensure you didn’t eat food that contained genetically modified ingredients? As it turns out, eating food labeled non-GMO is quite expensive….

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