seafood sustainability

Tassal tackles expose

Integrated salmon and seafood producer Tassal is the latest to receive the 4-Corners treatment with an expose on its production practices, treatment of competitors and apparent disregard for…

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nutrition science

Is the sugar conspiracy real?

The media has pounced on the latest example of a “big food conspiracy”, following a recent literature review led by Cristin Kearns of UC San Francisco and published…

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What’s good for you?

“Healthy” is a term regularly applied to food labels – to boost sales rather than wellbeing – but for consumers it is a shortcut that they assume can…

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Frequentz tackles traceability

As consumers demand more transparency about their food, and outbreaks of food borne illnesses have the ability to destroy a brand, traceability is becoming a serious imperative for…

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Rising farmgate prices, Freshagenda, shrinking milk output

Climbing back up the hill

With farmers no doubt focussed on the big wet across southern Australia, we’ll keep our focus on how the dairy market is behaving in the background, and what…

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