Food production system, biodiversity

Food doesn’t come cheap

A project with the catchy name The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) Agriculture & Food (AgFood) (TEEBAgFood) is undertaking the measurement of the full cost of a…

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Water management, Green infrastructure

Cities look to nature for answers

There’s often debate about agriculture being a large user of water, but limited discussion about cities being large water “wasters”. Treating stormwater as a resource could significantly reduce…

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Coca Cola, Obesity

The good feeling brand

Coca Cola’s list of investments in research and community groups make interesting reading.  It reveals much about how to influence brand image and values through strategic alliances and…

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GMO, genetically modified ingredients

“Better” makes you a target

Both Chipotle and Whole Foods are currently being sued – it seems for trying to do “the right thing” and delivering what their customers want.

In Chipotle’s case, it’s…

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Grocery pressure, Retail analysis

Grocery pressure builds

German discounter Aldi has announced plans to open another 80 stores across Australia next year, a move that will turn up the heat on what has been incorrectly…

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Kellogg’s drives sustainability

Sustainability is a corporate buzz-word that is often bandied around, but are companies doing anything more than feel-good “greenwashing”?

Kellogg’s efforts to move sustainability through its supply chain by…

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Food and conflict

Syria’s food industry is rapidly deteriorating, as the production sector and the country’s supply infrastructure continue to be decimated by a civil war, now in its fifth year.

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