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What’s happening in the food industry?

Our October Horizons newsletter reports on consumer fears  exacerbated by fake labelling, what consequences Brexit may have and speculates how hurricanes will impact food production in the future.

  • Latest MLA lamb-basting
  • Is sugar addictive yet?
  • Avoiding the populism pendulum
  • Food security is still a thing
  • Is convenience always king
  • Self-destruct bugs

What’s happening in the food industry?

Our September Horizons newsletter reports on events that affect shopping behaviour in grocery,  philantrophy as a business model for growth and water tax debacles in New Zealand.

  • Domino’s deflate
  • ‘What the Health’ debunked
  • Are water wars inevitable?
  • Walmart: slow food for fast people
  • Container farms
  • Watts into food

What’s happening in the food industry?

Our July Horizons newsletter delves into consumer trends which are more fragmented than ever, the fragility of our global food supply and what it takes to cut costs and reduce waste.

  • Murray Darling Basin plans under scrutiny
  • Inconvenience saps potential
  • Food chokepoints
  • Is Nestle exiting packaged food?
  • Does “Net Zero NZ” spell the end of dairy days?
  • Can agtech save Cali asparagus?