Dairy Trade Simulator

What is the Dairy Trade Simulator?

Freshagenda’s Dairy Trade Simulator (DTS) is built on trade data, updated continuously and underpins the GDD analysis package. It encompasses the total global dairy trade in a single simulation tool with both short-term and long-term dimensions.

Advantages of our simulator to users:

  • Convenient up-to-date factual base drawing production, consumption and trade data from a wide range of sources;
  • Underpins analysis by “housing” user insights on demand and supply trends;
  • Provides a wide range of outputs, analysis of trends in trade, and indicators of market fundamentals;
  • It is built as a large, macro-driven workbook which avoids software security and integration issues;
  • It is available in fully-functional or compact depending on user needs and resources

What the DTS does:

  • Enables users to readily understand the relative importance of big influencers on the global market balance over time.
  • Calculates a world market balance in terms of major dairy commodity products and in milk-equivalents terms over time.
  • Allows rapid assessment of the sensitivity of the trade balance to movements in the key variables.
  • Updates as trends and indicators emerge, providing a rolling short-term outlook.

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