Global Dairy Directions

Global Dairy Directions (GDD) is a dynamic market analysis and risk management platform aimed at providing time-sensitive input to decision makers on what is likely to develop in the world dairy market – rather than telling what just happened.

What is the GDD?

  • A continuous world dairy outlook (short and long term);
  • A framework of analysis that provides a holistic view of the total market;
  • A platform to build and test future scenarios;
  • An efficient and convenient resource designed to inform risk management, planning and budgeting and in-house analysis;
  • A platform that provides robust indicators of market tension, fundamental values and sensitivity to changing key variables; suite of analysis products and/or available desktop simulation tool (DTS)

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Our Simulator – What it does

The Dairy Trade Simulator (DTS) is built on trade data, updated continuously and underpins the GDD analysis package. It encompasses the total global dairy trade in a single simulation tool with both short-term and long-term dimensions.

Advantages of our simulator to users:

  • Convenient up-to-date factual base drawing production, consumption and trade data from a wide range of sources.
  • Underpins analysis by “housing” user insights on demand and supply trends.
  • Provides a wide range of outputs, analysis of trends in trade, and indicators of market fundamentals.

What the DTS does:

  • Enables users to readily understand the relative importance of big influencers on the global market balance over time.
  • Calculates a world market balance in terms of major dairy commodity products and in milk-equivalents terms over time.
  • Allows rapid assessment of the sensitivity of the trade balance to movements in the key variables.
  • Updates as trends and indicators emerge, providing a rolling short-term outlook.

DTS chart

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How can you get involved?

Users may subscribe annually to the service, and can select one or more of the following components:

  1. Basic service – Four comprehensive analysis reports (issued quarterly) setting out the market outlook, with monthly updates provided through our Directions newsletter. The basic service includes a monthly Trade Trends report, providing an updated overview of global trade
  2. Simulation tool – users can access our desktop Dairy Trade Simulator (which is updated monthly for trade and other data updates), allowing users to build/maintain their own scenarios based on views on supply and demand outlooks.
  3. Ad-hoc analysis and briefing presentations to management or boards.

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If you are interested in a subscription, or simply discuss why and how you might be able to use the GDD, please enquire below.

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Global Dairy Directions (GDD) is a dynamic market analysis and risk management tool aimed at providing time-sensitive input to decision makers on what is likely to develop in the world dairy market – rather than telling what just happened.

The features of the Global Dairy Directions (GDD) package are:

  • An outlook of projected trade flows in the world market for the short term (monthly for 2 years) and long term (annually for 10 years)
  • A comprehensive view of where the market is heading – what will make it turn and in what likely time frame?
  • The sensitivity of the outlook to changing demand and supply variables
  • The implication of the outlook for market sentiment and export prices for those key commodities
  • Latest developments and trends affecting the major variables that significantly affect the trade balance
  • A profile of developments in key countries and regions
  • Analysis of major investments in dairy capacity being made in exporting regions – the size, scale, product focus and timing of major investments

The Global Dairy Directions platform uses a dairy trade simulator which is built on actual trade data between exporters and destination markets, assuming production growth, domestic consumption, product mix and import demand at country and regional levels.

The Global Dairy Directions provides a continuous process of tracking, monitoring and global-market scenario updates, allowing users to interact with the outlook and our knowledge base throughout the year.