Global Dairy Directions

What is the GDD?

  • A continuous, rolling outlook for the global dairy market – in the short and long term;
  • A framework of analysis that provides a holistic view of the total market, as well as in key production and market regions;
  • A simulation platform which allows users to readily assess the sensitivity of the outlook to change, and to create and test future scenarios;
  • An efficient and convenient resource designed to support and inform risk management, planning & budgeting, and in-house analysis;
  • A platform that provides robust indicators of market tension, projected commodity values and trends in supply and demand

Users can participate in the platform in a number of different ways, depending on their requirements and resources.

Why use the GDD?

What the GDD provides?

The Global Directions platform is a comprehensive platform of analysis of global dairy markets, with a primary focus on looking forward – not at what just happened.  The outputs from the platform include:

  • Projected commodity values based on established market fundamentals – providing information on commodity groups in Oceania, EU and US regions;
  • A measure of relative market tension over time – which has been shown to be a reliable forward indicator of spot prices ;
  • An assessment of “hot items” and their effect that are anticipated to significantly impact market balance;
  • The sensitivity of “what-if” changes in the outlook – volume and value – due to variation in supply and demand factors;
  • Development of forward scenarios that combine a number of changing variables; and
  • Insights and trends in historical dairy trade across commodities and market regions

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Why use the GDD?


  • Packaged, cost-effective data and insights
  • Data sets are aligned and ready-to-use
  • A prompt, frequent update of a global outlook
  • Serving a range of business needs
  • A process that enables systemized analysis and the capture/use of business intel

These lead to:

  • Better use of analyst time – thinking rather than gathering and punching data
  • Quicker, better-informed assessments of market conditions

Why use the GDD?


  • Many take-out indicators relevant to volume and value
  • Packages a sea of data into a readily accessible holistic view
  • Impacts of change and key trends over time
  • Processes for dynamic scenario-building
  • A platform that preserves the confidentiality of the “user view” of outlook parameters – not simply the expert’s opinion


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Freshagenda are specialist food industry consultants – with core skills and expertise in interpreting industry, market and supply conditions, and their outlook for decision makers.

Led by food industry consultants and analysts with combined hands-on experience in excess of 45 years in commodity markets and value chain analysis, Freshagenda has a solid commercial understanding of market dynamics affecting food industry sectors and supply chains and delivers complex information in concise, easy-to-understand formats.

Our strength lies in our unique big picture perspective – a “whole of chain” approach. The engagement spans from farm inputs through to detailed retail and consumer insights – including analyses at the category and sector levels such as interpreting performance of market segments and food categories.

Our recent work includes extensive studies of food price determination within the retail market and various analyses of industry profitability and performance, as well as facilitation of industry and enterprise planning.

Freshagenda have a track record of assisting decision makers assign priorities and direct policy based on the relative size of segments and pressure points affecting their value chains, and have delivered a number of consulting services and analysis to industry, government and corporate clients.

Whether you are a producer, trader, buyer, or investor, Freshagenda offers commercially relevant market intelligence that is relevant to you.

More detail on our analysis capability is provided in case studies